Group Bio

The Rainbow Mandrills is a Technicolor notion thought up a long time ago as a ray of sunshine inside dark times.

The Mandrills take their next steps on a long journey of realisation with the 2014 release of The Rainbow Mandrills first Studio album “Obelisk & Dome” alongside accompanying feature length documentary’s “Inside the Dome” and “Under the Obelisk” show how far that journey has come since the first Rainbow that appeared in Pete Richardson’s fertile mind inside his then motionless body...... it is only a Cosmic Mind Trip Away.

Pete Richardson, the song writer and keeper of the Faith of all things Mandrill was born in the West Midlands in 1979, moved to the beautiful and tranquil Isle of Wight age 6. At the age of 11, Pete was flattened by the medical condition M.E., Fibromyalgia, Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome. From 1991 – 1999 he was bed bound and unable to move. By 2002 Pete had got enough Hand and Arm movement back to bring to fruition his love of music and song writing to get his first Guitar. Pete has a vast array of songs he wrote over the last decade waiting to be recorded (300+ fully fledged songs, countless bits and as Pete considers himself as song writer first, guitarist/performer second, plans on writing for as long as the inspiration and opportunity is there). In 2010 Pete got some progress in his body to the point in 2012 he was able to re-learn to walk. One of his goals after getting to the point of being able to get out of the house was to take some of his home demo recorded songs and give them their full form in a Recording Studio performed by as many singers and musicians he could find and afford, who could help bring the Technicolor Rainbow Dream into a fully fledged reality.

Pete Richardson plays Acoustic and Electric Guitars, and additional parts such as Mandolin, keyboards etc but he needed more to achieve this to a standard he believed it could be.