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July 2016

The Rainbow Mandrills fourth studio album Mules for Miles is Released:-
Pete and the Mandrill gang are proud to put out "Mules for Miles" out into the world, you can get your CD from the Mandrill Shop or Download from Itunes or Amazon.
Mules for Miles has 12 Original songs written by Pete Richardson exploring the many influences of Pete's favourite Guitarist Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule. Ranging from Blues Rock to Traditional Folk music with a few genres in between.
Opening song "Life is Caught" is determined Blues Rock urging "It's time... time to pick myself up by the scruff of my neck" to awakening to remember we all hold the Power to change for the better "In our own 2 hands"
Song 2 "Music is Music (it Don't Follow Your Rules)" is a Funky Rock Groove (that doesn't allow its self to be controlled by the Rules of 1 music Key alone, with Lyrics urging for self empowerment, in a time of people around the World distrusting their Politicians.... Music is the one way to bring us all Joy and togetherness.
Song 3 is "So Down Low" it is an Acoustic Uplifting Blues Rocker for music Juxtaposed with a story of Heartbreak and solitude, but it's alright you have to feel the lows to appreciate what's good in life. It is also a partial ode to The Black Crowes (another of Pete's favourites and also why there is a Crow on the Album Cover with the Mule)
Song 4 is "A Suit of Words" Gospel Rock with Huge Saxophone and Rolling Piano where if YOU yourself believe your own "TRUTH" then stay True to Yourself , even if you have mind doubts stay strong in your hearts and personal beliefs.
Song 5 is "Fawning Fate" that was actually written coming home from a Gov't Mule show and its theme shows. It is a continuation of the whole albums "Self Determined ways" with its chorus of "You and only You are the Master of the Love you Hold Inside" make it a good caring love. Like 7 of the 12 songs on this album it features Joe McGlohon on Saxophone who is mutual friends of Pete and Warren Haynes, Joe played on the Gov't Mule show that Pete was at when he wrote "Fawning Fate"
Song 6 is "Metal Bird" an ode to the Great Vulcan Bomber Aeroplane and basically dedicated to anyone who doesn't want to Retire into obscurity.
Song 7 is "Golden Throne" an Irish style folk song with Mandolins, Fiddles and heartfelt group Vocal Harmony's, about the Blessed Relief of the Golden Paradise opposed from the hardship of a failing Body here on Earth.
Song 8 is "Grow to Your Potential" which is the Rainbow Mandrills first foray into quasi Barbershop turning into a concerto of Violins and Tremelo Guitar, continuing from the song before, this is a song sent from the Glorious afterlife of evermore urging their grieving loved ones to be happy and active in their life on Earth, while we are here.
Song 9 is "What Would I Do" a Rock song written at the same time of "Fawning Fate" at the Gov't Mule show, this one for Brotherly Love.
Song 10 is "Watering the Fields" a song set in music style and Story of a Farmhand from the Dustbowl of America at the start of the 20th Century, dreaming of Freedom of getting on the Train instead of all his real world farm worries
Song 11 is "I'm a Mandrill" a song for ALL Mandrills who are Proud of their Ways, set to Greek Hard Rock Riffs, this one means Business
Song 12 is "Mauve" Sums up what Mules for Miles is.... wanting companionship, Love and Freedom whilst realising ALL those things are Within you already and you need to grow and share from within first. The "Tickled Hot Pink" Joys of Life and the "Deep Blues" of Frustration need to join together as Mauve and all gallop towards Freedom and Love together as one.
Each CD version of the first run contains a Personalised message to you (or who you are buying it for) as track 13 and a special CD exclusive of Pete and Warren Haynes together!!
All songs written by Pete Richardson
All songs have Joe Tranæs Driffield on Lead Vocals
All songs have Pete Richardson and Carl Perkins on Guitars and Bass
All songs have Lincoln Elliott on Drums
All songs have Tom Barker on Piano
7 of the songs have Joe McGlohon on Saxophone
5 of the Songs have Ben Johnson on Violin
4 of the songs have James Goode on Harmonica
3 of the songs have Annie Daffern on Harmony Vocals

We hope you enjoy Mules for Miles

The new album Mules for Miles in now availble to order in the Rainbow Mandrills Shop

Sept 2015

The Rainbow Mandrills VLOG- The Rainbow Mandrills have a New Vlog Video Diary series on Youtube. Catch up with each Mandrill as they spread around the UK with emphasis on Behind the Music as the Recording processes still continue making Mandrill Music on the Isle of Wight, you never know what breaks out next, a true Variety show of Music, Story's , extra cosmic dimensions of Mandrill Land where all things are Possible. Time Lapse Video's, Flowers, Dogs, The Mandrill Way of Life.
Stay tuned to this Playlist link for new episodes being added

May 2015

The Rainbow Mandrills Diaspora:- In the summer of 2014 All of the performers in The Rainbow Mandrills were living on the Isle of Wight in England (or holidaying there (hey Joe McGlohon). Songwriter and Boss of The Rainbow Mandrills knew that he had the Summer of 2014 to get a bunch of songs Drummed & Sung before Mandrill singers Joe Tranaes Driffield heads to Middlesex University, George Elkins returns to Bournemouth University, and Ollie Grant returns to Leeds University. While half the performers in the band feed their brains in Universities the remaining Isle of Wight Mandrills have plenty of nuggets of songs to over dub, mix and master over the winter of 2014 into 2015. Starting with with the album "The Diaspora Dilema"

The album The Diaspora Dilemma in now availble to order in the Rainbow Mandrills Shop

March 2015

The Rainbow Mandrills 2nd CD album is called "The Diaspora Dilemma" has just finished being Mixed containing 13 songs with a track list of
1/ B*$t*rd
2/ Mama Lumea
3/ Tall Glass of Water
4/ Dappled Sunshine
5/ The Shell
6/ Cracks
7/ Life Lessons
8/ Precious Dream
9/ Dance on the Sand
10/ I Couldn't Be Happier
11/ Space Vibrations
12/ The Undying Love Blues
13/ Success
It will be Mastered shortly before being sent away to be pressed. The Rainbow Mandrills are very pleased with it and used the classic Mandrill line up of:
Pete Richardson, writing, Guitar, Keyboards and Plans
Joe Tranæs Driffield, lead vocals
Georgie Elkins, Vocals
Carl J Perkins, Lead Guitar, Drums and Bass
Tom Barker, Piano
Lincoln Elliott, Drums
Imogen May, vocals
James Goode, harmonica
and introducing Brand new Special Guest of The Rainbow Mandrills Saxophone Legend Joe McGlohon
Stay tuned for release date"

June 2014

New album Obelisk & Dome due for release on June 16. See Home page for purchase options.

May 2014

Hot off the Press.... An online magazine article on The Rainbow Mandrills in Glean Magazine that covers the evolution of the band their members and the music. Read article here or from images below.